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Cate Glass books

An Illusion of Thieves
An Illusion of Thieves
    Colorado Book Award Winner
A Conjuring of Assassins
A Summoning of Demons
Carol Berg books
Bridge of D'Arnath
The Bridge of D'Arnath:
Son of Avonar
Guardians of the Keep
The Soul Weaver
Daughter of Ancients
    Prism Award Winner

The Sanctuary Duet
Dust and Light
Ash and Silver

Novels of the Collegia Magica
Novels of the Collegia Magica
The Spirit Lens
The Soul Mirror
    Colorado Book Award Winner
The Daemon Prism

Flesh and Spirit
The Lighthouse Duet
Flesh And Spirit
Breath and Bone
    Colorado Book Award Winner
    Mythopoeic Fantasy Award Winner

Books of the Rai-kirah
Books of the Rai-kirah
    Geffen Award Winner

Song of the Beast
Song of the Beast
A standalone fantasy.
    Colorado Book Award Winner


writing news
Exciting News about three of my series. If you are having trouble finding new paper or ebook editions of the two Navronne series, The Lighthouse and The Sanctuary Duets, as well as the novels of the Collegia Magica, there is a great reason. 2024 will bring new editions of all seven of these books! More details coming soon!

Bridge of D'Arnath Meanwhile New Editions of my Bridge of D'Arnath series have been released by WordFire Press in both print and ebook formats! See all four of the new covers on the Bridge of D'Arnath series page

I am thrilled with this development. I love this story and feel as if the books were somewhat overshadowed by both previous and subsequent work. The Bridge series is different from much of my other work. How so?

Scale: The four books span eleven years, three worlds, and a war that has been going on for a thousand years. The varied viewpoints include a heroine who is not an ingenue, a man with an extra soul stuck in his body, a dead man, a child who believes he is evil, a young sorceress good at math (!!), a young man who believes-- Ah, no more. That would be telling!

Adventure? Most definitely! Strangers who appear out of nowhere. Sinister pursuits. Portals. An urgent mystery with clues in the past - well several of those! Lost memory. Corruption of an innocent. Agents in place...and everything goes wrong. Training up a Dark Lord. Mountain treks. Desert war camps. Coded maps. Caves that can cleanse the spirit.

Magic: One world where it has been exterminated...but not quite. One world where magic is fundamental to life and culture...and is also the seed of corruption. Some of the most influential characters have none at all. How does that work?

Relationships: Not only companionship in adventure, but love, children, family, unlikely friendships, treachery, skullduggery, betrayal, torment...yes all those, too. They are Carol Berg books, after all.

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Cate's Latest window

A Summoning of Demons, the third adventure of the Chimera, and my third novel under the name of Cate Glass is out now.

So what's new or different in Summoning? Our four partners have had a quiet summer since the harrowing culmination of their second mission. The most menacing threat to the city comes from a petty crew of kidnappers called the Cavalieri Teschio - or Skull Knights - who have moved from taking laborers' children for small ransoms to snatching youths of better families. But about the time our four sorcerers start to think that the Shadow Lord has decided the Chimera crew is too risky to employ, an earthquake strikes the city. Rapidly escalating events--Romy's plague of lurid dreams, increased anti-sorcery harangues from the Philosophic Confraternity, heavier patrols by the grotesque, ever-present magic sniffers -- culminate in a message from the Shadow Lord about an arranged marriage with a reluctant bride. He wishes the marriage stopped, fearing it will result in severe consequences for Cantagna's "reasonable governance" - that power-hungry fanatics will gain influence over the voices of reason. And by the way, the rushed arrangements give the Chimera only two days to figure out how to stop an ironclad contract. In the midst of this frantic enterprise, a mysterious friend returns with dire warnings for Romy's safety...

Read an excerpt of A Summoning of Demons at Cate's website.

Find A Summoning of Demons at Amazon, Indiebound, or Barnes and Noble or at your local brick-and-mortar bookseller.

So what is the Chimera?
Webster and Britannica and Google say that a chimera is:

1. a mythical creature, a fire-breathing female with face, body, and limbs of three different beasts.
2. something that exists only in the imagination and is not possible in reality.

Both definitions hold sway in this series. Romy could certainly be called a fire-breathing female and a fantastical creature of many aspects--and the person who gave her that name in admiration knew it. It also comes to mean something else in the series. I'll let you find that one out.

As for the series itself, I call it my (pre-Cruise)Mission Impossible. With magic. In a world reminiscent of Renaissance Italy. You know, intrigue, mercenaries, poison rings, artists, family rivalries, political skullduggery of all kinds. And, certainly, the mythos of the Costa Drago that makes using magic a mortal crime starts to creep into everyday doings...

To learn more about the Chimera series visit Cate's website.

You can read excerpts of An Illusion of Thieves and A Conjuring of Assassins at the site, as well.

Fine news...

Illusion of Thieves cover art On May 30, 2020, Colorado Humanities and Center for the Book announced that An Illusion of Thieves has won the 2020 Colorado Book Award in the fantasy/science fiction category. Colorado Book Awards are given out every year for excellence in books published in the previous year by Colorado authors, artists, and photographers.

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An Illusion of Thieves (Tor) cover art by Alyssa Winans.
A Conjuring of Assassins (Tor) cover art by Alyssa Winans.
A Summoning of Demons (Tor) cover art by Alyssa Winans.
Dust and Light and Ash and Silver(Roc) cover art by Gene Mollica
The Spirit Lens, The Soul Mirror, and The Daemon Prism (Roc) cover art by Gordon Crabb
Restoration (Roc) cover art by Matt Stawicki
Breath and Bone (Roc) cover art by Luis Royo
Flesh and Spirit (Roc) cover art by Luis Royo

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