The Lighthouse Duet

Breath and Bone

"...the narrative crackles with intensity against a vivid backdrop of real depth and conviction, with characters to match. Altogether superior. Starred review."
     - Kirkus Reviews

"The sequel to Flesh and Spirit builds upon the first book's events and illuminates the complex intrigues that mark the land of Navronne. Berg's lush, evocative storytelling and fully developed characters add up to a first-rate purchase for most fantasy collections."
     -Library Journal

"Berg has once again given us a fantasy that is full of wonder, intrigue and marvelous characters. Valen is a beautifully flawed hero..."
     - Colleen Cahill, SFRevu

"Set in a well-crafted world of magic, intrigue and dark secrets, this is the intense conclusion to the adventure that began in Flesh and Spirit…. Berg injects complexity into her characters with a fascinating mix of noble intention and human weakness."
     - Romantic Times Book Reviews

"Replete with magic-powered machinations, secret societies and doomsday divinations, the emotionally intense second volume of Berg’s intrigue-laden Lighthouse Duet concludes Valen's intimate, character-driven journey of redemption and self-discovery."
     - Publishers Weekly

"Indeed, watching Valen come to terms with his heritage while discovering his powers is what makes this...fantasy epic so enjoyable. Berg combines druid and Christian influences against a backdrop of sorcerers, priestesses, priests, deep evil and a dying land to create an engrossing tale to get lost in."
     - Sandy Amazeen, Monsters and Critics

"Every once in a while a book comes along that redefines enjoyment and artistry. With Breath and Bone, Carol Berg has achieved just that. The magic in this story lives and breathes..."
     - Fantasy Book Spot

"Science fiction and Fantasy writers, like those in other genres occasionally produce a work that transcends everything they have written before, a work so much better than the common...Carol Berg has a wondrous tale of a world slowing decaying--destroyed by murderous Harrowers determined to destroy civilization, civil war between feuding princes, and a land losing fertility...Earthy and dank, it grabs you and holds on. Wow! This is a real keeper."
     - Henry Lazarus

"The characters come alive and that has always been Berg's strength - crafting characters the reader can really care about. "
     - Fantasy CAFE

"The world Berg builds is one of these intricate, multi-dimensional fantasy worlds you can’t describe in one sentence. Just read the books. Please?"
     - Jacqueline Lichtenberg, The Monthly Aspectarian

"Berg's most ambitious effort to date...imaginative and intelligent"
     - Don D'Ammassa, Critical Mass
Flesh and Spirit

Flesh and Spirit

"In this first volume of The Lighthouse Duet, Berg creates a troubled world full of politics, anarchy and dark magic[,but] it is the growth in Valen's character that brings heart to this work...The magic is fascinating...this fast-paced novel captivated me..."
     - Colleen Cahill, SFRevu

" engrossing and lively tale, with enough action to keep you hungry for more."
     - Kristin Grey, The Davis Enterprise

"Moments of colorful intensity highlight this coming-of-age adventure."
     - Polly Shulman, Entertainment Weekly

"Berg has created an engrossing and complex tale of good and evil...the tension is even, the characters are finely developed and the settings are such that one can feel the mud sucking at their boots as the cold wind bites through layers of inadequate clothing."
     - Sandy Amazeen,

"Carol Berg has done a masterful job of creating characters, places, religions and political trials that grab and hold your attention...Cunningly crafted and full of intrigue, mystery, and danger, FLESH AND SPIRIT is a fantastic choice for your next book buying of 2007’s best fantasy books!"
     - Romance Reviews Today

"In Carol Berg's engrossing FLESH AND SPIRIT, an engaging rogue stumbles upon the dangerous crossroads of religion, politics, war, and destiny. Berg perfectly portrays the people who shape his increasingly more chaotic journey: cheerful monks, cruel siblings, ambitious warlords, and a whole cast of fanatics. But it's the vividly rendered details that give this book such power. Berg brings to life every stone in a peaceful monastery and every nuance in a stratified society, describing the difficult dirty work of ordinary life as beautifully as she conveys the heart-stopping mysticism of holiness just beyond human perception."
     - Sharon Shinn, national bestselling author of THE THIRTEENTH HOUSE

"...chilling fantasy...well-written..."
     - Publishers Weekly

"As grim as the story is, it is saved by Berg’s excellent writing and her ability to really bring forth the nature of the world and the characters that inhabit it. And more importantly, Berg’s terrific imagination and ability to string together seamlessly such diverse ideas."
     - Sue Martin, ConNotations Book Reviews

"Valen is an affable and interesting character, and the political turmoil and religious dissension bring a gritty realism to Berg‘s fantasy world."

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