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The Derzhi Empire Characters, Language, and Locations

Outlaws of the Yvor Lukash
Other Characters
Cities, Countries, and Races


the builders:   ancient race who built temples and other structures all over the lands of the Empire; nothing is known of their history or why all their works are ruined;
caer gwillyn:   "winged defender", a being of Ezzarian legend ;
chastou:   desert beast--a camel;
dakrah:   Derzhi ceremony for a son reaching his majority at twenty-three years of age;
dallyya:   "precious girl" (Ez.);
dar-heged:   twice yearly meeting of Derzhi clan leaders ;
dennissar:   diplomat serving the Derzhi Emperor;
eiliddar:   "skill-born" (Ez.); Ezzarians born with only modest level of melydda-destined to be teachers, craftsmen, or builders;
ephrail:   purification fast for a Derzhi warrior; no animal products to be consumed;
feadnach:   (fay ahd NOCK) "inner light" (Ez.); a mark of destiny on the soul;
fenzai:   short, loose pantaloons worn by slaves;
fyadd :  exile;
fyddschar:   "enchanted" (Ez.)
gaenad zi [da]:   "I am [you are] unclean" (Ez.)
gamarand :   rare tree of Kir’Navarrin with two intertwined yellow trunks;
gyos (gyossi) :  (GEE ose) castle guest(s) in Kir’Vagonoth;
jasnyr:   aromatic, incense-like herb, repugnant to demons;
kafyyda :  (kah FEE dah)"One Who Waits"; the chosen successor to the Ezzarian Queen (Ez.);
heged:   Derzhi extended family or clan;
kayeet :   small, fast-running desert cat;
kyanar:   (KEE an are) exercises of martial discipline designed to bring body and spirit into harmony;
likai:   Derzhi tutor in the art of war;
lys na:   "my true name is" (Ez.)
mellanghar:   traditional Derzhi musical instrument; makes a droning sound;
melydda:   "true power" (Ez.); true sorcery as opposed to trickery or illusion;
mezzit:   unit of measure; approximately a centimeter ;
naghidda :  precursor; ;
nazrheel:   strong-scented Derzhi tea;
nevaro wydd:   "sleep in peace" (Ez.)
padish:   Emperor’s bodyguard;
pandye gyash :  (PAHND yi GOSH) "hidden warriors"; the demon name for the Ezzarians;
rai-kirah:   demon; the race of demons;
farai-kirah:   demon of extraordinary power;
redyikka:   Derzhi magistrate of weights and measures;
rudah:   wild pig;
shengar:   mountain lion;
tenyddar :   "service-born" (Ez.); Ezzarians born with no melydda; destined to work at menial tasks;
tienoch havedd:   "greetings of my heart" (Ez.);
ulyat:   Derzhi gambling game played with colored stones and wooden pegs;
valyddar :  "power-born" (Ez.); Ezzarians born with great melydda; those who fight the demon war;
vasyd dysyyn:   "welcome home" (Ez.);
yaretha weed :   opiate favored by the destitute and wealthy women;
yddrass :   (ID rahss) demon word for warden;
ylad (yladdi) :  (EE lahd) demon word for human(s);
yladdimari :  (EE lahd ih MAR ee)demon word for human lives;
yvor lukash :  "sword of light" ; name for a rebel leader, used interchangeably for his followers;
zenar:   coinage of the Empire;
zhaideg :  scavenger wolf;
Gai Kyallet:   the Lord of Demons;
Warrior of Two Souls:   hero foreseen in Ezzarian prophecy;



Aleksander:   heir to the throne of the Derzhi Empire;
Barakh:   a Derzhi noble; Vanye's father;
Boresh:   Fendular’s underling;
Dmitri:   brother to the Emperor; Aleksander's uncle and likai;
Fendular:   the Lord High Chamberlain of the Summer Palace in Capharna;
Fredek:   captain of Dmitri’s personal guard;
Hazzire:   Princess Lydia’s steward;
Ivan zha Denischkar:   Aleksander's father, the Emperor of the Derzhi;
Jenya:   Aleksander's mother; the Empress;
Kiril:   Aleksander's cousin and friend; a minor diplomat;
Lydia:   a Derzhi noblewoman of Avenkhar; betrothed to Aleksander;
Mikael:   the captain of the palace guard in Capharna;
Nevari:   a Derzhi noble of Capharna; Vanye’s friend;
Sierge:   Derzhi noble; Aleksander's attendant; Vanye's brother-in-law;
Sovari:   captain of Aleksander's personal guard;
Vanye:   Derzhi noble of Capharna; a companion of Aleksander;
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Denischkar:   the Emperor’s heged; their symbol is a falcon; the symbol of the Derzhi throne is a lion;
Fontezhi:   one of the oldest and wealthiest Derzhi hegeds;
Hamraschi:   a Derzhi heged at odds with Aleksander and the Emperor
Lidunni:   a secret sect of Derzhi warriors who mix religion and the art of hand combat;
Nyabozzi:   a Derzhi heged that controls the slave trade
Mezzrah, Juran, Marag, Gorusch,Rhyzka:   Derzhi hegeds;



Balthar:   a corrupt Ezzarian who devised the rites to strip Ezzarian slaves of their melydda;
Caddoc :  a mentor of Searchers and member of the Mentor’s Council;
Catrin:   (CAT rin) Galadon's granddaughter; a trainer of wardens
Drych, Emrys, Nestayo, Tegyr:  student Wardens;
Elen:   Seyonne's sister, killed in the Ezzarian conquest;
Fiona:   (fee OH na)a young Aife, assigned to observe and investigate Seyonne’s behavior;
Galadon:   (GAL a don) Seyonne's mentor from his youth;
Garen:   (GARE en) an old friend of Seyonne's ;
Hoffyd:   (HAW fid) an Ezzarian scholar and Elen's widower ;
Kenehyr :   (KEN a heer) a Comforter and member of the Mentor’s Council;
Llyr:   (leer) a young Ezzarian slave;
Maire :   (my EER) a Weaver and member of the Mentor’s Council;
Merryt:   a long-captive Ezzarian Warden;
Pendyrral:  (pen DEER all) a Warden who killed himself after a strange demon encounter;
Rhys:   (reese) Seyonne's best friend from his youth;
Seyonne:   (say OWN) Aleksander's Ezzarian slave;
Talar :   (TAY lar) a mentor of Aifes and the head of the Mentor’s Council;
Ysanne:   (ee SAHN) the Ezzarian Queen;
Aife:   (eye EE fay) female Ezzarian who weaves a physical reality from the soul of a possessed victim in preparation for a demon battle;
Comforter:   Ezzarian who can stretch a line of enchantment from a possessed victim to the Aife back in Ezzaria;
Searcher:   Ezzarian who seeks out evidence of demon possession in the world;
Warden:   Ezzarian warrior who steps into the souls of possessed victims and battles demons;
Weaver:   Ezzarian woman of great melydda who weaves enchantments to guard Ezzarian settlements;



Denas:   (DAY nahs) powerful Nevai lord;
Denkkar, Kaffera, Seffyd, Tovall :  powerful Nevai friends of Vallyne;
Gastai :   (GAH sty) the outer circle; the hunters;
Gennod :  (JEN ode) a scholarly Nevai;
Jack-Willow, Ham-fist, Boresh, Gyffud:  mad Gastai;
Kaarat, Vilgor:   (CAR raht, VILL gore) a Rudai judge and his assistant;
Kryddon :  (CRY don): an adventurous Rudai with an interest in sea creatures;
Lord of Demons:   Tasgeddyr, also known as the Naghidda, the Precursor;
Magyalla :  Merryt’s Rudai captor;
Naghidda :   (nah GEE dah) another name for Tasgeddyr, the Lord of Demons;
Nesfarro :  an adventurous Rudai artist;
Nevai :   (KNEE vie) the nobility of the rai-kirah; the inner circle;
Raddoman :  a Nevai householder and servant of Vallyne;
Rhadit :   (RAH deet) Nevai commander of the demon legion;
Rudai :   (RUE die) the second circle of the rai-kirah; the shapers of material objects;
Tasgeddyr :   (TAHZ geh deer) the demon known as the Naghidda, the Precursor, the Lord of Demons;
Vallyne :  (vah LEEN) powerful Nevai woman;
Vyx (Vyxagallanxchi) :   (vyx ah gah LAHN chee) a mischievous Nevai; Vallyne’s friend;
Zelaz:   (ZEH lahz) a murdered Nevai;


Outlaws of the Yvor Lukash

Blaise :  the Yvor Lukash; the outlaw leader;
Farrol :  Blaise’s second-in-command;
Elinor:   an Ezzarian woman; Blaise’s sister;
Evan-diargh:  (EH vahn-dee ARG) Elinor and Gordain’s foster son;
Gordain :   (GORE dain) Elinor’s Manganar husband;
Jalleen :   (jal EEN) a Suzaini outlaw;
Kyor, Davet:   (KEE ore, DAH vet) two young Ezzarian brothers;
Saetha :   (sah EE tha) a mad healer;



Demyon:   famous swordsmith of Avenkhar;
Durgan:   palace slavemaster in Capharna; a Manganar;
Giezek:   (GEE zek) Aleksander's physician; a Suzaini;
Zeroun:   (zeh ROON) Basranni slave in Aleksander's household;
Kastavan:   (KAHS tah vahn) Khelid; close advisor of Emperor Ivan;
Kenedar:   (KEN eh dahr) Khlelid sorcerer;
Korelyi:   (kore ELL yi) Khelid emissary to Capharna;
Kydon:   (KYE don) Khelid legate in Parnifour;
Athos:   Derzhi sun god ;
Druya:   Derzhi bull god;
Valdis:   (VAHL dihs) Ezzarian god; Verdonne's son;
Verdonne:   (vehr DOAN) Ezzarian goddess;


Cities, Countries, and Races of the Derzhi Empire

To get an idea of where all many of the countries, cities, and towns are in relationship to each other, take a look at the Map of the Derzhi Empire.

Avenkhar:  prosperous city in northeastern region of the Empire; Lydia's home;
Azhakstan:  desert home country of the Derzhi;
Basran:  conquered province whose people, ethnically related to the Derzhi, are horse-worshippers;
Capharna:   mountain city, the summer capital of the Derzhi;
Chastouain:   nomadic desert tribe who herd chastou;
Dael Ezzar:   "New Ezzaria" refugee settlement in the high mountains;
Dasiet Homol:   the Place of the Pillars, an ancient ruin;
Derzhi:   warrior race of desert origin that has ruled an expanding empire for 500 years;
Drafa:   ruined Derzhi holy city in the desert;
Erum:   Derzhi mountain town attacked by bandits;
Ezzarians:   highly spiritual race of sorcerers ruled by women;
Ezzaria:   warm southern forest homeland of the Ezzarians; conquered by the Derzhi;
Fallatiel:    island in the Sajer River, where a mysterious hermit lives in an ancient ruined temple;
Frythia:    small mountain kingdom, conquererd by the Derzhi;
Gasserva Fountain:    landmark in Zhagad;
Hollen:   conquered country where men and women are matched for marriage at birth;
Karesh:   town in southern Manganar near the borders of Ezzaria; Durgan's home;
Karn'Hegeth:   city on the western borders of Azhakstan given to the Khelid by the Emperor;
Khelid:   mysterious race of sorcerers from the north who have surrendered their king to the Derzhi;
Khelidar:   distant homeland of the Khelid;
Khessida:    city on the border of Azhakstan and Basran;
Kir’Ezzar:    demon name for Ezzaria and the rest of the human world;
Kir’Navarrin:    mythical homeland of the demons;
Kir’Vagonoth:    the frozen realm of demons;
Kuvai:   conquered southern country, known for music and arts;
Manganar:   southern region of the Empire, known for its wheat and ale;
Parnifour:   ancient city on the northeastern borders of the Empire;
Passile:    small market crossroads in the northwestern empire;
Suzain:   first land conquered by the exanding empire, known for its wines and its primitive treatment of women;
Thrid:   semi-tropical country in the south, whose people are excellent soldiers, often hired as mercenaries, though generally despised by everyone;
Tyrrad Nor:    prison fortress in Kir’Navarrin;
Vayapol:    large market city in southeastern Azhakstan where Seyonne meets Blaise for the first time;
Veshtar:  nomadic desert tribe, known for the cruel treatment of slaves;
Zhagad:   capital city of the Derzhi Empire in the heart of the desert; called the “Pearl of Azhakstan”;


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