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"Carol Berg writes with a facility for dealing with strong emotion that forces you to not just read about her character’s lives but experience them as though you were living the events yourself. This is a touching tale of power, friendship and what it takes to be a man in a difficult world." (Jessica Strider, World's Biggest Bookstore Sci-fi Fan Letter)

“ . . . powerfully entertaining.” (Locus, August 2000)

“Superbly textured, splendidly characterized, this spellbinding tale provides myriad delights for the fantasy connoisseur.” (Romantic Times, September 2000)

“If this first novel is any indication of Carol Berg’s skill, she will be a phenomenon to reckon with on the fantasy scene for a long time to come.” (Explorations Magazine (Barnes and Noble, September 2000))

”This well-written fantasy grabs the reader by the throat on page one and doesn't let go... Wonderful." (Starburst Magazine, May 2001))

"...a compelling and well-structured read." (SFX Magazine, September 2001)

"Berg's characters are completely believable, her world interesting and complex, and her story riveting." (KLIATT, 2002 )

“Carol Berg is a brilliant writer, who has built her characters carefully and completely. The magic is subtle and vivid, and the writing is compelling.” (BookBrowser, July 2000)

"...superbly entertaining." (Interzone Magazine, June 2001)

and from readers...

“A wondrous world woven with words... the stuffs dreams are made of . . . ”

“ . . . a treat for anyone who appreciates excellent writing. The story is masterfully told: the characters come alive; the settings are richly painted; the dialogs sparkle; enough twists and turns in the plot to hook me from page one to the end.”

“ . . . incredibly fascinating, believable characters . . . woven into a story of heartstopping cruelty and breathtaking beauty. A triumph-- you won’t want to miss this.”

“ . . . Nothing in this book was run of the mill - I found myself again and again waiting for a rehashed plotline, but I was always surprised. Absolutely wonderful book, all around.”

" . . . Magic flowed believably from character, which is the hallmark of a really good fantasy, and 'Transformation' is one of the best I've read in a long time. . . "

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