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Song of the Beast

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Dragons' voices and one man's sheer, indomitable will blend to produce a powerful story of courage and faith. "Song of the Beast" is this summer's sleeper hit. (The Davis Enterprise)

Carol Berg's Song Of The Beast is a good introduction to this wonderful fantasy author's work because it's a standalone yet has length, intensity, and themes in common with her previously published Rai-Kirah trilogy (Transformation, Revelation, and Restoration). This new novel has even stronger narrative drive than its powerful predecessors; it's a fantasy I didn't want to put down. (Victoria McManus

"Berg's fascinating fantasy is a puzzle story, with a Celtic-flavored setting and a plot as intricate and absorbing as fine Celtic lacework.... the characters are memorable, and Berg's intelligence and narrative skill make this stand-alone fantasy most commendable." (Booklist, June 2003)

"Carol Berg delivers top-notch entertainment in SONG OF THE BEAST. She introduces a new world to readers, with robust characters in a detailed, multilayered environment." (Romantic Times, May 2003)

"The plot keeps twisting right until the end, with some entertaining characters to keep the reader involved even when things are most complicated and grim." (Locus, May 2003)

"...a brilliant and colorful epic fantasy placed in a world that is highly creative and imaginative." (Blether Book Review Site)

" would be easy to categorize it as another dragon fantasy book. Instead, it is a well-crafted mystery...Definitely recommended for libraries looking for high quality fantasy and mystery additions." (Courtney Lewis KLIATT)

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