Short Fiction by Carol Berg


The Heart's Coda, a follow-on novelette to Song of the Beast.
What will you find when you go looking for a hero three years after he saves the world?
Lace and Blade 4, from editor Deborah Ross for the Marion Zimmer Bradley Trust, ISBN #978-1938185502. Also in e-book.


The Book of Rowe, a story from the world of Navronne.
A determined young physician/sorceress is betrayed once too often by the men in her life.
Hath No Fury, from editor Melanie Meadors for Outland Entertainment. ISBN #978-1945528057. Also in e-book.
Uncanonical Murder, a detective story from the world of the Collegia Magica.
A newly appointed constable must solve the murder of a noble traveler, while hiding the very talents that could both lead him to the culprit and land his own self in prison.
Pulp Literature magazine, Issue 10
Seeds, a story set in the kingdom of Navronne.
A wild young soldier, desperate to keep his identity as a sorcerer hidden, is arrested by an ambitious constable with troublesome secrets of his own.
Blackguards: Tales of Assassins, Mercenaries and Rogues Ragnarok Publications/Outland, ISBN #978-1941987063
Unmasking, a novella from the world of the Rai-kirah.
A brilliant young sorceress, plagued with failures as she trains for her role in the centuries-long demon war, must partner with a talentless farmer to thwart the designs of a dangerous spy.
Elemental Magic Berkley, ISBN #978-0-425-21786-3
At Fenwick Faire, a gritty myth.
A young woman who has spent her life scraping out a living in a parched, ruined world finds her true calling on a visit to a market faire.
Broken Links, Mended Lives RMFW Press, ISBN #978-0976022527

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