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Information about my epic fantasy novels, including maps, glossaries, FAQs, release dates, and cover art, as well as dates and locations of readings, book signings, and convention appearances.

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May 25-28, 2018
Holiday Inn Downtown
Missoula, MT


my books

The Sanctuary Duet
Dust and Light
Ash and Silver

Novels of the Collegia Magica
Novels of the Collegia Magica
The Spirit Lens
The Soul Mirror
    Winner of the Colorado Book Award
The Daemon Prism

Flesh and Spirit
The Lighthouse Duet
Flesh And Spirit
Breath and Bone
    Winner of the Colorado Book Award
    Winner of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award

Books of the Rai-kirah
Books of the Rai-kirah
    Winner of the Geffen Award

Bridge of D'Arnath
The Bridge of D'Arnath:
Son of Avonar
Guardians of the Keep
The Soul Weaver
Daughter of Ancients
    Winner of the 2006 Prism Award

Song of the Beast
Song of the Beast
A standalone fantasy.
    Winner of the Colorado Book Award

writing news

Carol has decided to pare down her convention/conference schedule a wee bit this year to concentrate on some new projects. So she'll be skipping a few favorite venues, while renewing acquaintances at a couple of closer-to-home ones. Check out her appearances page for 2018 events.

New release - Aidan MacAllister's return!
The Heart's Coda, Carol's long-promised novelette sequel to Song of the Beast has been published in LACE AND BLADE 4 from the publishing arm of the Marion Zimmer Bradley Trust. Three years after the end of the dragon wars that have devastated the world for centuries, a naive young diplomatic messenger seeks out the hero of that conflict. Aidan MacAllister, the broken musician who once sang visions, has not been seen since he vanished into the wilderness with his maddened, volatile beasts. The Heart's Coda and Lace and Blade 4 is available in trade paperback and Kindle ebook.

Here's the LACE AND BLADE Table of Contents:

“At the Sign of the Crow and Quill,” by Marie Brennan
“On the Peacock Path,” by Judith Tarr
“Sunset Games,” by Robin Wayne Bailey
“Sorcery of the Heart,” by Lawrence Watt-Evans
“The Butcher’s Boy and the Piri Folk,” by Pat MacEwen
“Gifts Tell Truth,” by Heather Rose Jones
“A Sword for Liberty,” by Diana L. Paxson
“Hearts of Broken Glass,” by Rosemary Edghill
“The Game of Lions,” by Marella Sands
“The Sharpest Cut,” by Doranna Durgin
“Pawn’s Queen,” by India Edghill
“The Heart’s Coda,” by Carol Berg
“The Wind’s Kiss,” by Dave Smeds

A terrific lineup!
Coming May 2018

Hath No Fury The Book of Rowe, a story in HATH NO FURY, an anthology of stories about strong women from Ragnarok Publishing. The new powers-that-be at Ragnarok swear that the NEW release date for this long-delayed Kickstarter project is March 1, 2018 (unless the printer balks or ponies start flying...) Kickstarter backers should have their materials in hand, and the book should be available at online (at least) booksellers. Let's hope!

The Book of Rowe involves Saverian, a very smart, powerful, and quirky young sorceress with a big chip on her shoulder, who really does not like being underestimated, especially by the men in her life. (Hint: Saverian figures prominently in Breath and Bone.) Among the many authors with stories in this collection are Seanan McGuire, Bradley Beaulieu, Gail Z. Martin, Nisi Shawl.

Here's a current list of my short fiction.

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Ash and Silver On the shelves
Ash and Silver is available in print, e-book, and audio editions.

You can find it at independent bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other brick and mortar and online booksellers.

Want some insight into a core idea of Ash and Silver? Carol's Big Idea essay on John Scalzi's Whatever blog talks about fantasy tropes and the roots of identity.

If you are hungry for a tidbit, read an short excerpt. For those of you who have read the Lighthouse Duet, you might recognize the two people Lucian has encountered on his search for answers.

Find the People, Places, and Pronunciation Guide for the Sanctuary novels.

Carol says: The Sanctuary Duet has been a long journey, taking me to places I was totally not expecting. Lucian was so sheltered, so convinced of his place in the universe. It took some doing to dislodge his preconceptions. I hope readers enjoy his path through magic and history as much as I did.

Dust and Light

Now's the Time! If you've been waiting to read Dust and Light until the end of the tale is in hand, now's the time to dive in. Check out the Dust and Light opening chapter. And then imagine how the genteel aristocrat portrayed on the D&L cover might become the more...ahem...rugged fellow on the cover of Ash and Silver. That's what the author did...

Gene Mollica did a smashing job with the cover for Ash and Silver. Carol said something about badass... (And here's a larger view.) Lucian, as portrayed on the both covers, is actually very like her imagining.

Stay in Touch 2012 book signing Another newsletter will be coming soon. Sign up below! Until then, you can generally find Carol on Facebook. Drop in and say hello and keep current on books and news!

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Dust and Light and Ash and Silver(Roc) cover art by Gene Mollica
The Spirit Lens, The Soul Mirror, and The Daemon Prism (Roc) cover art by Gordon Crabb
Restoration (Roc) cover art by Matt Stawicki
Son of Avonar (Roc) cover art by Matt Stawicki
Breath and Bone (Roc) cover art by Luis Royo
Flesh and Spirit (Roc) cover art by Luis Royo

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