The Bridge of D'Arnath

an epic fantasy series by Carol Berg

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Cover art by Matt Stawicki
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Book 1: Son of Avonar
Sorcery and those who practice it have been exterminated from the Four Realms, their memory used only to frighten children. To be accused of so much as associating with sorcerers reaps harsh punishment. Seri has adapted to poverty and exile, far from her noble family's intrigues and the politics of power. But her bitter peace collapses when she shelters a half-mad fugitive - a man incapable of speech, yet skilled at violence. Only a journey of anguished memory and ancient riddles can unravel the mysteries of his identity, his mission, and her own soul. And all the while, those responsible for his condition lie hidden, awaiting the apocalypse.

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Cover art by Matt Stawicki
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Book 2: Guardians of the Keep
Seri has one errand to do as she waits for her beloved Prince of Avonar to regain his memory - to relay her brother's dying words to his son. But something is clearly wrong with the ten-year-old. Secretive, isolated, angry, the boy shows an inordinate terror of Seri's past connections with sorcery. Though determined not to care for a child whose life she resents, she finds herself intrigued. And when an old nemesis arrives at Comigor Keep...the world falls apart. A child with secrets, a sorcerer with a broken mind, a woman armed only with courage and wit, and an illiterate boy who knows everything of honor...all ensnared by the Lords of Zhev'Na in their plot to destroy D'Arnath's Bridge and plunge two worlds into chaos.

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Book 3: The Soul Weaver
When betrayal devastates the Dar'Nethi plan to defeat the Lords of Zhev'Na without violence, the Prince of Avonar must face the possibility that someone close to him is responsible. As anger and frustration shake the fragile joining of his body and soul, the Lords of Zhev'Na bring war to the Wastes. Across the chaotic Breach, the Prince's son, half crazed with nightmares and visions, pursued by past horror and present enmity, flees beyond the boundaries of the world. With three worlds at the brink of ruin, the Prince and his heir must look inside their own souls to discover the devastating truth of their enemies.

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Cover art by Matt Stawicki
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Book 4: Daughter of Ancients

Winner of the 2006 Prism Award for Best Romantic Fantasy

Heed my last word, Destroyer. You will never be free of us. No matter in what realm we exist at the end of this day, you will not escape the destiny we designed for you. You are our instrument. Our Fourth. Every human soul - mundane or Dar'Nethi - will curse the day you first drew breath.

Fear of the Lords' curse was only one reason Gerick never intended to return to Avonar. Five years after the end of the war, the Dar'Nethi still revile the young Fourth Lord and are happy to believe him dead. And in his own realm of the Bounded, he can forget the past and refuse the unsavory temptations of sorcery. But when tragic family business takes Gerick back to his father's world, he is asked to investigate a woman from the desert - the charismatic D'Sanya, D'Arnath's own daughter so she claims, held captive for a thousand years. Tangled in bonds of love, family, memory, and guilt, Gerick sets out to unravel the mysteries of ancient kings, ancient evil, and the dreadful truth of his own destiny.

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