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The Bridge of D'Arnath

an epic fantasy series by Carol Berg

Vasrin of the Two Faces

In the beginning was Vasrinís mind and nothingness. Vasrinís mind was two - Shaper and Creator.
Vasrin contemplated nothingness and her power grew.

Vasrin Shaper gave form to nothingness, and it was cold and dark and lonely.
Vasrin Creator scooped up a handful of nothing and squeezed it in his mindís fist, blew on it with his mindís breath, and created matter, and it was chaos. Vasrin contemplated chaos and her power grew.

Vasrin Shaper gave form to chaos, and it was earth and sky and ocean. The earth and sky and ocean were dark and cold and lonely.
Vasrin contemplated what she had shaped and what he had created, and his power grew.

Vasrin Shaper touched the winter darkness of the earth and Vasrin Creator breathed upon the place that she had touched, and it was life. Vasrin contemplated life and smiled upon it, knowing that he had discovered the reason for his own being.

And in that moment of wonder and joy, Vasrin chose to take life into herself, reborn as a child of both matter and mind, so that he could share in his own creation. As a youth, growing in power, Vasrin created light, and as a maiden Vasrin shaped the sun, moon, and stars, bringing light and warmth to the worlds, and beast and birds and plants of all kinds flourished. The world was bright and dark, and warm and cold, but still lonely.

When Vasrin reached adulthood, Vasrin Creator scooped up a handful of life, and squeezed it with his fist, and blew upon it with his breath, creating human life, and Vasrin Shaper gave form to human life to reflect herself, creator and shaper, mind and matter, light and dark, warm and cold.

And then in the greatest act of love, Vasrin set us free to choose our own Way to walk the paths of the world, and the threads of Vasrinís power are wound through the patterns of life, in DaríNethi sorcery, in Dulcť wisdom, in mothering and fathering, in strength and courage and love and kindness.

Across the span of time, Vasrin contemplates our Way, and she laughs with us, and he weeps with us, and our power grows.

Ven'Dar A Brief History of the Dar'Nethi Way

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