Guardians of the Keep a fantasy adventure by Carol Berg


Guardians of the Keep cover

"The writing is firm, sure, dynamic, and briskly paced. Here is a writer at the top of her form, and she has presented us with enough material for academics to analyze for allegory and myth for decades to come. " (Jacquline Lichtenberg,

"Carol Berg's writing and storytelling are among the genre's affecting and deeply touching story." (Davis Enterprise)

"The well-drawn and complex characters are the focus of the story and they carry the plot off outstandingly...If you enjoy fantasy with a dark thread...Carol Berg is someone you should try. If you like good characters in an exciting, unpredictable plot, this is also a series for you." (Colleen Cahill, sfrevu)

"If you love dark, compelling fantasy full of adventure and intrigue, this is it. You also won't find a better reminder that your own life could suck a lot worse than it does. Guardians of the Keep will keep you turning pages all the way to the end. Five stars! ( infinity plus)

"Berg excels at strong world-building and complex, sympathetic characters. Her world is realistic and reasonable despite the obvious magical elements, and heroes and villains alike have complex motivations that make them real." Four stars. (Romantic Times , September 2004)

"Berg's latest ...keeps one turning pages; meanwhile, the characterizations are altogether superior." (Booklist, 9/1/2004)

"...the author has such fabulous talent in the area of characterization, you really feel those punches. Gut-wrenching, serious fantasy fiction..." (Science Fiction Romance Online)

"You get the sense that reconstructing a broken little family is more important to Berg than all the grand-scale stuff. Which is exactly what the best fantasy should be about. A brilliantly extended piece of suspense... This [book] is about being a grown-up. About waiting and being patient, even with a constant gnawing on your nerves." (SF Crow's Nest)

"Guardians of the Keep is not just a place-keeper in the middle of a trilogy; it can stand on its own, although it will be a richer experience to read both volumes while waiting for whatever surprises the next book will deliver." (Fred Cleaver, Denver Post)

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