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Daughter of Ancients People, Places, and Pronunciations

Language and Culture Glossary
The Vales of Eidolon
Some of the Dar'Nethi Hundred Talents


  Dar'Nethi and Dulce'
Aimee:   (AIM ee) a young blind Dar'Nethi woman, an Imager; the Preceptor Gar'Dena's youngest daughter;
Bareil:   (bah RILE) a Dulce', Karon's linked Guide when he ruled in Avonar;
Cedor:   (KAY door) Karonís attendant at the hospice;
Ce'Aret:   (say ah REHT) a sharp-tongued Balancer, one of the Dar'Nethi Preceptors;
D'Alleyn:   (d all AYN) younger son of King DíArnath; the second Heir of DíArnath and Prince of Avonar;;
D'Arnath:   (d ARE nath) King of Avonar, High King of Gondai at the time of the Catastrophe; the legendary Dar'Nethi king who built the Bridge;
D'Leon:   (d lee OWN) King DíArnathís elder son and successor; the first Heir of DíArnath and Prince of Avonar;
DíSanya:   (d SAHN ya) young DaríNethi woman who appears out of the desert, claiming to have been held captive in ZhevíNa for a thousand years;
D'Natheil:   (d nath EEL) the last Heir of D'Arnath and Prince of Avonar;his soul passed beyond the Verges in The Soul Weaver;
Eu'Vian:   (you vee AHN) a Gardener in charge of a small restoration party, working in the Wastes;
Fel'Tiega:   (fell tee A gah) Archivist and bookshop owner in Avonar;
F'Syl:   (feh SEEL) the stable man at the hospice;
Gar'Dena:   (gahr DAY nya) Aimee's late father, once a Preceptor of Gondai, friend and ally of Karon and Seri;
Garve':   (gahr VAY) an unstable Arcanist, one whose talent crosses the boundaries of the Hundred known DaríNethi talents;
Gen'Vyl:   (john VEEL)one of the Restored who works at the hospice;
Gerick:   Karon and Seri's son, raised by the Lords of Zhev'Na and transformed into one of them when he was twelve;
Jen'Larie:   (jen la REE) a Speaker's daughter, who was also a slave in ZhevíNa when she was a child;
Je'Reint:   (jeh RHEINT) grandson of Preceptor CeíAret; and VeníDarís designated successor as Prince of Avonar;
J'Savan:   () young DaríNethi Gardener who first encountered DíSanya;
Karon:   (CARE on) a Dar'Nethi Healer, archeologist, and historian born in the mundane world; once ruled Gondai as Prince D'Natheil;
Kovrack:   (KOE vrack) a Zhid gensei who was one of Gerickís trainers in ZhevíNa;
Mem'Tara, L'Neysine, L'Beres:   Preceptors of Gondai;
Mu'Tenni:   (moo TEN nee) ancient Historian, who wrote a book of biographies called Ancients;
Na'Cyd:   (nah SIHD) the consiliar, or administrator of DíSanyaís hospice;
Qis'Dar:   (kiss DAHR) Aimeeís sixteen-year-old cousin;
Sefaro:   (seh FAR oh) a Speaker, who, as a Dar'Nethi slave, ran Gerickís household in Zhev'Na;
V'Rendal:   (ver END al) an Archivist who works in the royal archives in Avonar;
Ustele:   (you STEHL eh) a Historian, one of the Preceptors ;
Ven'Dar:   (vehn DAHR) the Prince of Avonar; a Word Winder and teacher;


  People of the Four Realms
Graeme Rowan:   the sheriff of Dunfarrie;
Martin, Earl of Gault:   Seri's late cousin, the beloved friend and mentor who introduced her to Karon, executed at the time of Karon's death;
Paulo:   an illiterate stable boy from Dunfarrie;
Roxanne:   Queen of Leire, Sovereign of the Four Realms;
Seri:   (SEH ree) a noblewoman of Leire;
Tennice:   (ten EESE) old friend of Seri and Karon in the mudane world; Gerick's tutor for a few years after his return from Zhev'Ne;
Tomas:   Seri's late brother, who raised Gerick as his own son until his death when Gerick was ten;


Dieste the Destroyer:   (dee ESS tay) Gerick's name when he was the Fourth Lord of Zhev'Na;
Lords of Zhev'Na:   Notole, Parven, and Ziddari;
Notole:   (no TOLE eh) a Dar'Nethi sorceress known as the Loremaster; one of the three immortal Dar'Nethi who caused the catastrophe that destroyed most of Gondai;
Parven:   (PAR vehn) a Dar'Nethi sorcerer known as the Warmaster; one of the three immortal Dar'Nethi who caused the catastrophe that destroyed most of Gondai;
Vasrin (Vasrin Shaper, Vasrin Creator):   (VAHZ rihn) the deity of the Dar'Nethi and Dulce' who manifests as both male and female, who created and shaped the universe (see the legend of Vasrin of the Two Faces);
Vroon:   a one-eyed dwarf, Gerick's liegeman in the Bounded;
Zanore:   (zahn OAR) a tall man of odd appearance, Gerick's liegeman in the Bounded;
Ziddari:   (zih DAHR ee) a Dar'Nethi sorcerer known as the Exile; one of the three immortal Dar'Nethi who caused the catastrophe that destroyed most of Gondai;



Avonar:   two cities of the same name; one a ruined city in the human world in the country of Valleor; the other the royal city of Gondai;
Bounded, the:   a realm shaped from the chaos of the Breach between the worlds;
Comigor Keep:   (COHM ih gore) a castle fortress north of Montevial; Seri and Tomas's birthplace;
Dunfarrie:   a riverfront village in west central Leire;
Feur Desole':   prison house/asylum outside of Avonar;
Four Realms, the:   Iskeran, Kerotea, Leire, and Valleor; the "civilized world" of humans, dominated by Leire;
Gaelie:   a small town at the lower end of Grithna Vale; the town nearest the hospice;;
Gondai:   (GONE die) the world of the Dar'Nethi;
Iskeran:   (IHSS kare ahn) a kingdom of the Four Realms;
Kerotea:   (keh ROW tee ah) a mountain kingdom of the Four Realms;
Leire:   (lay EAR) the foremost of the Four Realms, a powerful, militaristic society, governed by an autocratic king and a council of nobles;
Montevial:   (MON teh vee ALL) the capital city of Leire; residence of the King of Leire;
Tymnath:   market town in Hester Vale where Jen and her father live;
University, the:   the cultural heart and citadel of learning in the Four Realms;
Vales of Eidolon:   see The Vales of Eidolon, below;
Valleor:   (VAL ee oar) a cultured, genteel realm, brought under the heel of Leire when Seri was a young girl;
Verdillon:   (VER dill on) a country estate in Valleor, outside of the city of Yurevan, left to Tennice by Professor Ferrante;
Verges, the:   the boundary between this world and L'Tiere; theoretically souls can be returned to life as long as they have not crossed this barrier
Wastes:   the ruined kingdoms of Gondai, now desert;
Windham:   Martin, Earl of Gault's country estate north of Montevial;
Zhev'Na:   (zhev NAH) the fortress of the Lords Notole, Parven, and Ziddari in the heart of Ce Uroth;


Language and Culture Glossary

arrigh scheide:   (AH rig SHIDE) "flesh eater" (Dar'Nethi) scornful term for a restored Zhid;
Breach, the:   a chasm of chaos and corruption that separates the human world and Gondai;
Catastrophe, the:   the calamitous event of uncontrolled sorcery that devastated the world of Gondai;
ce'na davonet:   (say NAH dah voe NAY) "all honor to you" (Dar'Nethi) formal greeting for royalty;
consiliar:   second in command; ancient form of counselor;
Dar'Nethi:   (dar NETH ee) a race of sorcerers;
desene:   (DEH seh nay) "please" (Dar'Nethi);
Drudge:   descendants of humans who wandered into Gondai in the days before the Catastrophe; bred for ignorance and submissiveness, and forced into lives of drudgery;
Dulce':   (DOOL say) a race who have extraordinary power of memory, but limited capacity to use it;
fastness:   a living tower of stone and earth in the Bounded;
gensei:   (JEN sigh) a Zhid general;
jack:   dried meat;
j'den encour:   (zha DEN ahn COOR) "heal swiftly" (Dar'Nethi);
j'edai en j'sameil:   (zhe DIE ehn zhe sahm EEL) "to life and beauty everlasting" (Dar'Nethi); a Dar'Nethi feasting wish;
kaminar:   (KAH mih nahr) fire spirit; creature of DaríNethi legend;
kibazzi :   (kih BAH zee) a rat-like creature, native to the Wastes;
lignial cards:   (LIHN ee all) a set of cards representing the hundred Dar'Nethi talents, used to trace lines of magical talent through a family;
L'Tiere:   (ell tee AIR eh) the "Following Life", the Dar'Nethi concept of the afterlife;
luminant:   a small magical vessel of metal or clay that holds a living flame to be used for lighting lamps or hearthfires;
madris:   (mah DRIS) the rite by which a Dulce' is linked to a Dar'Nethi so that the Dar'Nethi can compel and use the Dulce'ís power of memory;
madrisse':   (mah dris SAY) the Dulce' partner who is linked to a Dar'Nethi so that the Dar'Nethi can compel and use the Dulce''s power of memory;
madrisson:   (mah dris OWN) the Dar'Nethi partner who is linked to a Dulce' by the rite of the madris;
mundane:   human/s; non-magical residents of the human world;
oculus :   a ring of brass, used by the Lords of Zhev'Na to focus and enhance magical power; the Great Oculus is the ring, taller than a man, that was used to transform Gerick into a Lord;
padere :   (pah DARE eh) father;
Preceptors, the Preceptorate:   the seven counselors of the Heir of D'Arnath who advise him in all matters relating to sorcery and the succession;
regira :   (ray GEAR ah) queen;
regire' :   (ray GEAR eh) king;
regire' morda :   (ray GEAR eh MORE dah) the king is dead;
saffria :   (sah FREE ah) a fermented fruit drink, popularly served hot in Gondai;
s'a nide regire :   (sah NEED eh ray GEAR ray) "take me to the king";
shan t'sai :   (SHAN t SIGH) ghost metal;
Seille:   (say EEL) the Leiran winter celebration from the night of the solstice until the dawn of the new year, in legend the season that Arot, wounded and despairing from his long battles with the beasts of earth and sky, took shelter with humans and was fed and entertained, and so regained his strength and courage;
Singlar:   a resident of the Bounded, distinguished by odd, grotesque, or unfinished appearance;
sonquey :   a DaríNethi strategy game played with small red and green tiles and silver bars
tassaye:   (tah sigh YAY) "softly" (Dar'Nethi);
yn:   (IN) "son of"; Dar'Nethi patronymic eg. Radele yn Men'Thor, Radele son of Men'Thor;
Zhid:   (zhihd) DaríNethi whose souls have been corrupted and stolen by the Lords of Zhev'Na;


The Vales of Eidolan

The Vales of Eidolon are contiguous mountain valleys that seam the mountains ringing the royal city of Avonar. Each of the fifteen Vales has its own character, wild or cultivated, forested or grassy, dotted with towns and villages or sparsely settled. Thre of the Vales - Grithna, Erdris, and Pylathia - were totally destroyed in the Catastrophe. The rest of the Vales were the last living lands protected by the royal city of Avonar during the war with the Lords of Zhev'Na. Grithna Vale was revived by the hand of D'Sanya, and she built her hospice there.

Other Vales: Astolle, Hester, Kirith, Lyrrathe, Lydian, Nimrolan, Maroth, named after DíSanyaís mother, Sophris, Seraph.


Some of the Dar'Nethi Hundred Talents

Arcanist:   one who can combine the talents of other Dar'Nethi into complex,multi-layered enchantments;
Archivist:   one who can preserve and protect knowledge in its many forms - books, manuscripts, artifacts, stories, legends;
Balancer:   can assess weights and measures; the more erudite can make sense of the world, sort out tangled information, organize and weigh its relative merits, and explain such matters to others; ;
Builder:   can harness magic to use in contructing physical objects;
Effector:   skilled at devising and communicating strategies for accomplishing a particular purpose;
Finder:   can locate people or desired objects;
Gardener:   can enhance growth of vegetation;
Glass Maker:   can work glass and imbue the article with enchantments for a variety of purposes;
Gem Worker:   can cut and shape gems and create enchantments with them;
Healer:   can join with a patient and heal physical and mental ills;
Historian:   can store, trace, connect, and communicate the facts of history into a coherent whole;
Horsemaster:   can control, train, and nurture horses;
Imager:   can assemble descriptions of objects, persons, situations, or activities to create accurate, living images in anotherís mind and match the created image to the reality;
Metalwright:   can create useful or artistic item with metal, imbuing them with enchantments and linking them together for magical purposes;
Navigator:   has heightened instincts for guiding and pathfinding;
Numerologist:   can create enchantments using the properties of numbers;
Perceiver:   one who can hear and feel the emotional nuances in speech and communicate his own with clarity;
Player:   one who can take on the appearance and persona of a character in a play and make the audience believe the person is real;
Sea Dweller:   one who can live and function underwater;
Silver Shaper:   one who uses magic to melt and shape silver and other metals;
Singer:   one who can make her songs come to life for the audience;
Soul Weaver :   one who can leave his or her own body behind and enter another body, taking control or lending strength, knowledge, and skill to the other person, and then leave the body intact upon departure;
Speaker:   one who can discern the truth of a problem;
Storyteller:   similar to a Singer, but with the spoken word instead of Song;
Tree Delver:   one who can plant, nurture, and/or participate in the life of trees;
Word Winder:   one who creates enchantments from the nuances of words;


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