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The Bridge of D'Arnath

an epic fantasy series by Carol Berg

Son of Avonar People, Places, and Pronunciations

Language and Culture Glossary


Aeren:   (AIR ehn) Seri's name for a mute, amnesic stranger being hunted in the woods near Dunfarrie;
Annadis the Swordsman:   (ah NAH diss) the Leiran god of fire and earth and sunlight, who rules the world with his twin brother Jerrat;
Anne:   a Leiran peasant woman who once lived with her husband Jonah outside of Dunfarrie;
Arot:   (AIR rot) the Leiran high god who defended the world from beasts of chaos at the beginning of time and then retired, giving the world to his twin sons to rule;
Baglos:   (BAH glose) the Dulcé companion of Prince D'Natheil;
Bartolome:   (BAR tah low may) proprietor of the Green Lion in Grenatte;
Celine:   a J'Ettanni Healer, Karon's mentor when he was a youth coming into his Healing power;
Christophe:   Karon's younger brother, destined to follow Mandille as ruler of the city of Avonar in Valleor;
Dagobert and Margereth:   the last king and queen of Valleor, executed when Valleor fell to Leire;
D’Arnath:   (d ARE nath) an ancient, powerful king of the Dar’Nethi;
Dar’Nethi:   (dar NETH ee) a race of sorcerers;
Darzid:   (DAHR zihd) a captain of the Leiran guard; Duke Tomas’s aide
Dassine:   (dah SEEN)a Dar'Nethi sorcerer and Healer;
D’Natheil:   (d nath EEL) the last Heir of D’Arnath and Prince of Avonar;
Dulcé:   (DOOL say) a race who have extraordinary power of memory, but limited capacity to use it;
Evard:   (EH vard) Duke of Doncastre who succeeds Gevron as King of Leire;
Exeget:   (EX eh jet) the head of the Preceptorate;
Ferrante:   a professor of archeology at the University;
Garlos:   a courtier, Tomas's aide;
Gevron:   (GEH vron) King of Leire in Seri's girlhood;
Gervaise:   (zher VASE) the late Duke of Comigor; Seri and Tomas’s father;
Giano:   a man who claims to be a priest of Jerrat but is more than he seems;
Graeme Rowan:   the sheriff of Dunfarrie;
Jacopo:   (YAH cuh poe) a retired sailor living in Dunfarrie; runs a junk shop;
Jerrat the Navigator:   (JEH raht) Leiran god of ocean, stars, moon, and storm, who rules the world with his twin brother Annadis;
J’Ettanne:   (zheh TAHN) cousin of D'Arnath and the first leader of the Dar’Nethi Exiles; his name came to be synonymous with them;
Jonah:   an elderly Vallorean peasant who worked a small farm outside of Dunfarrie;
Julia:   a widowed countess and the Earl of Gault’s paramour;
Karon:   (CARE on) a J'Ettanni Healer born in Valleor, archeologist, and historian;
Kellea:   (kell A uh) a young J’Ettanni herbalist;
Maceron:   (mah sir OWN)a sheriff of western Leire;
Maddy:   a mute serving sister who nurses Seri through her imprisonment and the birth of her child ;
Mana:   (MAH nah) Arot's wife and mother of the Holy Twins;
Mandille:   (mahn DEEL) the last lord of Avonar in Valleor; Karon’s father;
Mariel of Valleor:   surviving daughter of the last Vallorean king, imprisoned as a child;
Martin, Earl of Gault:   a Leiran noble, cousin of Seri’s mother;
Notole:   (no TOLE eh) a Dar’Nethi sorceress; one of the three immortal Dar’Nethi who caused the catastrophe that destroyed most of Gondai;
Parven:   (PAR vehn) a Dar’Nethi sorcerer; one of the three immortal Dar’Nethi who caused the catastrophe that destroyed most of Gondai;
Paulo:   an illiterate, ragamuffin boy of Dunfarrie;
Philomena:   Duchess of Comigor, Tomas’s wife, Seri's sister-in-law ;
Racine:   (rah SEEN) Karon's assistant at the antiquities commission;
Seri:   (SEH ree) a Leiran noblewoman;
Tanager:   (TAN a jehr) youngest son of a Leiran baron and the Earl of Gault’s bodyguard;
Tennice:   (ten EESE) middle son of a Leiran baron and the Earl of Gault’s chief counselor;
Tomas:   Seri’s brother, Duke of Comigor and King Evard's sword champion;
Vasrin (Vasrin Shaper, Vasrin Creator):   (VAHZ rihn) the deity of the Dar'Nethi and Dulce who manifests as both male and female, who created and shaped the universe (see the legend of Vasrin of the Two Faces);
Writer, the:   a J'Ettanni Healer from the past who kept a detailed journal;
Djiid:   (zhihd) Dar’Nethi whose souls have been corrupted by the Lords of Zhev’Na;
Ziddari:   (zih DAHR ee) a Dar’Nethi sorcerer; one of the three immortal Dar’Nethi who caused the catastrophe that destroyed most of Gondai;



Avonar:   the royal city of the Dar'Nethi; also a ruined city in Valleor;
Cadore:   (cah DOOR) mythical kingdom to which Arot and Mana retired;
Ce’Uroth: (SAY you WROTH) :   “the barrens”; the Djiid name for the Wastes created by the Catastrophe;
Comigor Keep:   (COHM ih GORE) a castle fortress north of Montevial; Seri and Tomas's birthplace;
Dunfarrie:   a riverfront village in west central Leire;
Four Realms, the:   Iskeran, Kerotea, Leire, and Valleor; the “civilized world” of humans, dominated by Leire;;
Gondai:   (GONE die) the world of the Dar'Nethi;
Grenatte:   (grehn AHT) a market town in central Leire;
Iskeran:   (IHSS kah rahn);
Kallamat:   (kah lah MAHT) the mountain fortress capital city of Kerotea;
Kerotea:   (keh ROW tee ah) a mountain kingdom;
Leire:   (lay EAR) the foremost of the Four Realms, a powerful, militaristic society, governed by an autocratic king and a council of nobles;
Montevial:   (MON teh vee ALL) the capital city of Leire; residence of the king;
Threadinghall:   a forest town in western Leire;
Tryglevie:   (TRIH gleh VEE) an ancient sheepherder's village in southwestern Leire, the Writer's home;
University, the:   the cultural heart and citadel of learning in the Four Realms;
Vales of Eidolon:   contiguous, beautiful mountain valleys in Gondai, the last living lands protected by the royal city of Avonar;
Valleor:   (VAL ee oar) a cultured, genteel realm, brought under the heel of Leire when Seri was a young girl;
Vanesta:   the former royal city of Valleor;
Verdillon:   a country estate in Valleor, outside of the city of Yurevan, owned by Professor Ferrante;
Vittoir Eirit:   (vih TWOIR err EAT) ancient stronghold of the J'Ettanne in the mountains of southwestern Leire;
Wastes:   the ruined kingdoms of Gondai, now desert;
Windham:   Martin, Earl of Gault's country estate north of Montevial;
Yennet:   (YEH net) modern name of an ancient village in southwestern Leire;
Yurevan:   (YOU reh VAHN) Vallorean city where the University is located;
Zhev'Na:   (zhev NAH) the fortress of the three Lords in the heart of the Wastes;


Language and Culture Glossary

Av'Kenat:   (ahv ken NOT) J'Ettanni community celebration of the end of summer and harvest;
bence:   (BEN say) "please" (Dar'Nethi);
Beginnings, the:   to Leirans, the beginning of time when Arot battled the beast of earth and sky and monsters of the deeps;
Breach, the:   a chasm of chaos and corruption that separates the human world and Gondai;
Catastrophe, the:   the calamitous event of uncontrolled sorcery that devastated the world of Gondai;
commard:   (coe MARD) a plaza or gathering place at the heart of a Leiran city;
ce’na davonet:   (say NAH dah voe NAY) "all honor to you" (Dar'Nethi);
detan detu:   (day TAHN day TWO) "this is your command" (Dar'Nethi); the key used by a madrisson to evoke the knowledge of a Dulcé;
detan eto:   (day TAHN eh TOE) "I obey your command" (Dar'Nethi); the formal acknowledgment by a madrissé of a command;
gire:   (GEE ray) (GEAR ray) "heir" (Dar'Nethi);
giro:   (GEE roe) "lord" (Dar'Nethi);
illudié:   (ill LOO dee yay) "light" (Dar'Nethi);
jack:   dried meat;
j’den encour:   (zha DEN ahn COOR) "heal swiftly" (Dar'Nethi);
j’edai en j’sameil:   (zhe DIE ehn zhe sahm EEL)"to life and beauty everlasting" (Dar'Nethi); a Dar'Nethi feasting wish;
Long Night:   the winter solstice (Leire);
madris:   (mah DRIS) the rite by which a Dulcé is linked to a Dar’Nethi so that the Dar’Nethi can compel and use the Dulce’s power of memory;
madrissé:   (mah dris SAY) the Dulcé partner who is linked to a Dar’Nethi so that the Dar’Nethi can compel and use the Dulce’s power of memory;
madrisson:   (mah dris OWN) the Dar'Nethi partner who is linked to a Dulcé by the rite of the madris;
maratathe, maratachi, maratakai:   (mah rah TAH thay, mah rah TAH chee, mah rah TAH kie) "my soul is my own then, my soul is my own now, my soul is my own forever" (Dar'Nethi);
mie:   (ME yay) "my" (Dar'Nethi);
mundane:   human/s; non-magical residents of the human world;
ne:   (nay) "no" (Dar'Nethi);
ne pell don:   (nay PEHL dawn) "do not listen" (Dar'Nethi);
ne stes damet:   (nay STESS dah MET) "I did not intend" (Dar'Nethi);
Preceptors, the Preceptorate:   the counselors of the Heir of D'Arnath in all matters relating to sorcery and the succession;
sacer:   (SAH kerr) "holy" (Dar'Nethi);
saffria:   (sah FREE ah) a pungent fruit cider;
sheriff:   a local law enforcement official charged with the special duty to hunt down and capture sorcerers;
Seille:   (say EEL) the Leiran winter celebration from the night of the solstice until the dawn of the new year, in legend the season that Arot, wounded and despairing from his long battles with the beasts of earth and sky, took shelter with humans and was fed and entertained, and so regained his strength and courage;
stes vyn::   (stehs VEEN) "I was only " (Dar'Nethi);
tassaye:   (tah sigh YAY) "softly" (Dar'Nethi);
yn:   (IN) "son of"; Dar’Nethi patronymic eg. Radele yn Men’Thor, Radele son of Men’Thor;


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