a novel of the Collegia Magica
The Soul Mirror
  by Carol Berg
Extract: Letter #2 (beginning page 93)

Jan 2011

Damoselle Anne,
    May the blessed saints find you well in your new state.
    No new master has yet arrived at Montclaire. Melusina and I bide. We shall do our duty until told not. The grapes swell.
    Three nights after your departure, the very night the Guard Royale took down their watch, unknown ragpockets invaded the house. To my shame, my crotchit skills did not suffice to hold them off. Neither Melusina nor I can descript the fiends, as they wore masks. They pried into every barrel, bin, and box, as well as rifling the desks and inspecting every volume from the library.
    Truth be told, these were no common filchers. The only items taken were a few oddments you had tossed in the dustbin. A looking glass, a leash, a knot of ribbons, and the like. Also a stack of letters rummaged from the library desk. They also took a packet come by post messenger that very day, a handspan square more or less. It was sent from Seravain. We'd set it by to send on to you.
    We’ve neatened the house as we can and sore regret that we lost the packet what must sure have been a value to you, as it appeared to be sent from the little one now dead. We hold her dear in our thoughts and deeds.
    Angels grace thy soul, dear lady, and the good young lord's, and the sweet mistress's broken spirit.
Thy servant always,

    As a curiosity, I heard later that the cellar at the Cask was tumbled earlier that same night by men in masks.


Copyright © Carol Berg, 2011

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