a novel of the Collegia Magica
The Soul Mirror
  by Carol Berg
Extract: Letter #3 (beginning page 461)

Jan 2011

Sonjeur de Duplais,,
    It is fine to heer from you. You were soorely missed at Seravain these last years. Students and tuters alike made comment on it. And shure the master lammented the loss of your company dinning. Though he is large in frends, he cares for none so much as you.
    As to yoor queriess. I bide well, living with my dawter Janille and her children, bakeing for the shop here in Tigano. As for Master Kajetan’s guest, Nieba last, I had already left the collegia behind, so cannot be shure. But there is only one likely. He came oft when you were so ill—bless the santes that brought you back to yourselff—and some since you’ve gone. I oft wondred why he stopped when you were well. And yes, he forevver wares that green and black that made him look so sallow complexcted, and always arguing sience, magic, magic, sience with the master. De Voojay was his name. The master nammed him Jermond.

Yoor frend and hummbel servent, Patinne de Gano


Copyright © Carol Berg, 2011

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