carol's bio, the short version

Carol Berg Although Carol Berg majored in mathematics at Rice University, so she wouldn't have to write papers, she took every English course that listed novels on the syllabus, just so she would have time to keep reading. And it was her college roommate who shared a dog-eared copy of Tolkien and a love for fantasy that changed Carol's life . . . eventually. Somewhere in the midst of raising three sons, earning another degree - this time in computer science - and a software engineering career, another friend teased her into exchanging letters written "in character." The game quickly got out of hand.

Since TRANSFORMATION was published in 2000, Carol's fifteen epic fantasy novels have earned national and international acclaim, including the Geffen Award, the Prism Award, multiple Colorado Book Awards, and the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature. She lives in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. New in 2015 is ASH AND SILVER, the finale of the two novels of Sanctuary. ASH AND SILVER completes the story (begun in DUST AND LIGHT) of an aristocratic, magically gifted portrait artist whose life is irredeemably transformed when his portraits begin to show things he couldn't possibly know.


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