The Books of the Rai-kirah Reviews: Restoration

an epic fantasy adventure by Carol Berg

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"...a truly fascinating and enjoyable journey...complex and original...a worthy final book to an excellent series." (Phil Jones,

"Carol Berg dishes up a plot and setting to conjure with. She breaks some of the worn clichés of fantasy fiction and unleashes the floodgates and lets a torrent of adventures come pouring out... Highly enjoyable." (Rachel Hyde,

"...The fantasy action saga here moves at a cracking pace, and drives toward its destination with breadth and power; but really it is just the backdrop for the true story, which is a much more intensely personal journey of discovery where the main themes are of changing hearts and minds, of sacrifice, of the evolution of ideas...a mesmeric conclusion..." (Mike McKeown, www.the

"...Ms. Berg's enjoyable tale contains a robust storyline, likeable characters, and a realistic ending...compelling..." (Romantic Times, August 2002)

"Carol Berg is a heck of a writer...Restoration seethes with blood, dust, dung, and martial mayhem, but what really carries the story is the compelling and charmingly flawed protagonist...a rivetting read..." (Donna McMahon, SF Site)

" enjoyable and engrossing read..." (Starburst, October 2002)

" The entire series is written magnificently... The characters are real, the plot - engaging, twisty. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and, while you're there, keeps you guessing. The world is believable and natural to the characters. The magic is subtle and feels right."(sffworld)

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