The Books of the Rai-kirah Reviews: Revelation

an epic fantasy adventure by Carol Berg

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"...Strong characters, most of the clichés of fantasy fiction broken and a barrage of thrilling adventures and nail-biting edge-of-the-seat escapades tumble over each other in the pages of this book." A top-ten read for 2001. (

"Wrestling with your inner demons" has never before been so dangerous - or so magnificently actualised!... [a] masterful journey into the fantastical landscapes of both her physical world and the more important universe of the mind..." (

...engrossing...complex...the story of Seyonne and the Prince of the Derzhi is a turbulent adventure with far reaching excellent series. --Fred Cleaver (Denver Post Book Reviews)

Berg creates...powerfully sensuous landscapes both realistic and uncanny; the pursuit of personal honour attractively [is] the unchanging core of an adventure where everything else we know is unreliable. --Roz Kaveney (Reviewer for

"...fascinating..." (Locus August 2001)

"...a compelling and well-structured read..." (SFX, November 2001)

"...plenty here to intrigue..." (Starburst, October 2001)

"...In Revelation, Carol Berg does not miss a beat, or make a false step..." (Jacqueline Lichtenberg,

"Beautiful, intriguing, and masterfully wrought, Revelation is recommended to any reader who is willing to consider the issues of suffering, self-sacrifice, prejudice, inequality, atonement, acceptance, and courage. Or to anyone who simply loves a great story." (Women's Independent Press, Dec 2003)

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