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Dust and Light

"Berg returns to Navronne...for this captivating and satisfying fantasy epic, the first of a pair. . . With an impressive command of language, sure-handed plotting, and perceptive characterizations, Berg traces the arc of Lucian's arduous quest to solve the murders of several illegitimate royals. Lucian constantly appears on the verge of failure, but Berg deftly displays his psychological development and convincingly paves the way for him to earn his escape through self-knowledge and self-sacrifice. Starred review."
     - Publishers Weekly

"...a powerful, involving fantasy..."
     - Locus

"With a plethora of fascinating characters and intense drama, Dust and Light is outstanding. " 4.5 stars. A Top Pick."
     - RT Book Reviews

"Incredible writing, and stunning world building accompanied by some incredible characters and a society that is complex, and dirty as well as beautiful. This book has all the makings of an amazing Carol Berg novel."
     - Bookworm Blues

"Carol Berg excels at creating both richly developed worlds and realistic characters, and Dust and Light displays both of these strengths. Her latest book is wonderful with evocative, lovely prose and a plot full of mysteries—everything from a murder mystery to mysteries related to the past, magic, and the world."
     - Fantasy Cafe

" This is a terrific book with a well-constructed plot that masterfully combines a fascinating mythology, intense drama, well-defined characters, and touches of low, dark humor...Berg seamlessly weaves...the complex and gripping plot, keeping this reader engrossed throughout. The book ends in a major cliffhanger, and I can hardly wait (a whole year!) to find out what happens next to Lucian, Juli, Bastien, and the rest of this quirky cast of characters."
     - Fang-tastic Fiction

"Dust and Light was fantastic!...Carol Berg did an excellent job making all of the characters feel real, and they are an organic balance of virtues and flaws. There are at least three storylines I crave to hear more about and the ending… wow. It leaves me panting for the second book. " Five stars.
     - Not Yet Read

"Carol Berg’s DUST AND LIGHT is an engrossing book, full of intrigue, magic, and fascinating characters."
     - Élitist Book Reviews

Ash and Silver

"This book is incredible. All of Berg’s books are. I haven’t run across an author yet who can challenge her authors so profoundly as gracefully as she can. And her writing. Oh, her writing. There is a reason why Berg is one of my top 5 favorite authors, and she pulls out her considerable arsenal of skills for this book."
     - Bookworm Blues

"The Sanctuary books (Dust and Light, and Ash and Silver) fulfill the Lighthouse books [Flesh and Spirit, Breath and Bone], and give them more meaning, more nuance. I don’t know how she did this, I really don’t . . . Perhaps she is a genius."

"Berg has an artist’s touch with fantasy worlds and scenes." 4.5 stars"
     - RT Book Reviews

"With this masterful opening…the story grabs you by the hand, plunging you headfirst into a world of magic and war, where nothing is quite what it seems…Berg is a brilliant biblioanthropologist, a chronicler for the ages, introducing us to a rich world, sharing with us its history, painting it in words, breathing life and soul into it."
     - San Francisco Book Review

"A lushly written novel of transformation...Everything [Carol Berg]does well is here, against the backdrop, once again, of a plausible and suspenseful political upheaval.Ash and Silver delivers everything I expect in a Carol Berg novel, and now my only question is, “When I can expect the next book?”"
     - Fantasy Literature

". . . nearly impossible to stop reading! Its excellent characters, world, and reflection on memory made it a highlight of the 2015 releases I read."
     - Fantasy Book Cafe

"I particularly enjoyed the structure and logic of the story, but it is the character Greenshanks that kept me reading. I wanted to go on the journey with him to recapture his lost memories and to see why he was so important to his world. The emotional nexus around him was compelling and the world he inhabited was one I could live in . . ."
     - King's River Life magazine

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